Manny, Integrity Fencing Supply Yard Supervisor
Manny, Integrity Fencing Supply Yard Supervisor

Manny came to Integrity Fencing in August 2022 with several years of experience from a local fencing company. In December 2022 Manny was named employee of the month after proving to be a dedicated employee and willing team member giving 110% every day. Manny runs the supply yard and was promoted to Yard Supervisor in April 2023.

Let’s hear from Manny about his work at Integrity Fencing . . .

What do you do as the Supply Yard Supervisor at Integrity Fencing?

I’m in charge of inventory so I create material orders, load up the trucks for sub-contractors, put inventory away, and generally keep the yard looking nice. I also occasionally unload materials from semi trucks and help with customers.

What’s the product that Integrity Fencing stocks the most of because it’s so popular?

Definitely cedar fences are the most popular. As far as the item we stock the most of, it’s cedar fence posts which are 4x4x8 appearance grade cedar. We need all these posts to put up the cedar fences.

What would you like people to know about Integrity Fencing’s Supply Yard?

We have the best material that people can get on the market right now. It’s premium lumber at an affordable cost. People should know that our work is quality and effective for the job at hand. We offer the best customer service, and everyone is welcome at our supply yard and office.

Manny's son Emmanuel Jr.
Manny’s son Emmanuel Jr.

Where does Integrity Fencing source their lumber?

While we source from a variety of yards, we source our best lumber from Canada. Canada has some of the best mills for appearance grade wood, as well as the best cuts of wood and just quality products overall.

What do you like about working for Integrity Fencing?

I like the environment and everyone that works here. We all work hard and have a good work ethic. I enjoy my coworkers.

Who is the newest member of the Integrity Fencing family?

My wife Lorena and I welcomed our son, Emmanuel Jr. in April 2023. He even has an Integrity Fencing brand onesie.