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A lot of thought goes into creating a stunning outdoor deck. When the space is thoughtfully designed and personalized for your home, it is inviting, engaging and welcoming.

A Skilled, Reliable Deck Builder Serving the Denver Area

Upgrade your outdoor living space today with a new deck installation! Integrity Fencing Company is a team of professional deck installers licensed and certified to provide homeowners with high-quality decking. Clients continue to choose us for our versatility. In fact, our deck builders can install and construct a wide array of customized decking solutions including wooden cedar decking, Trex decking, and pergolas.

We stand behind our deck building with a 3-year warranty.

Trex deck Columbine neighborhood
Custom Trex Deck with Iron Pickets
Custom Cedar Deck
Natural Cedar Deck

How Our Wood and Trex Decking Team Can Improve Your Yard

What sets us apart from the average deck builder is our unrivaled commitment to customer satisfaction. We’ll go above and beyond to meet all your needs and demands. This means high-grade construction materials, customized designs, and expert craftsmanship all without going over the budget plan!

Advanced Deck Building Techniques and Materials

Remember when folks used to sink deck posts in concrete? There’s a better way! That’s why we build our decks with Diamond Pier footings. A deck built on piers is structurally rated, resistant to soil movement (frost heave), and installs faster. Decking projects can be completed one to two days faster on average when using Diamond Piers. Read more about Diamond Piers for deck building.

Deck Diamond Piers
Deck Piers Provide Secure Footing

Types of Decks

Customize the look of your deck, and your yard, with a variety of types of decks.

Ground Level Deck

A popular choice in Colorado, ground-level decks are generally less than twelve inches above the ground. Ground-level decks usually start from the back door and extend out to your desired length! Our installers will build a small frame to allow for insulation and prevent the wood’s rotting from moisture.

Raised Deck

A raised deck, also known as a terrace deck, comes out of a second story. Raised decks are supported by posts anchored into the ground below. The construction of your home defines the height of the deck! The outside stairway from the deck will mimic your indoor stairway’s size.

Low Attached Deck

Low Attached Decks are like Ground Level Decks. They are low to the ground but don’t necessarily have to be on the ground. A frame will be constructed to your desired height and attached to the home. The deck will meet the threshold of the back door.

Hillside Deck

In Colorado, a hillside deck is a strategically placed deck designed to accommodate a sloped backyard. Just having a hilly backyard doesn’t mean you have to lose your deck dreams!

Split Level Deck

Colorado split level decks can give an illusion of more space, whether it be two stories or simply various levels on the ground. But it can be your reality! We can create two separate frames to make this dream a reality.

Gazebo Deck

Gazebo decks center around a pavilion. The pavilion is in the middle of the deck, or the deck projects out from the pavilion. Gazebo decks can be a fine addition to your backyard oasis.

Wraparound Deck

A wraparound deck can extend around your house in any direction and for any length so desired! A Wraparound Deck is the perfect outdoor entertaining space extending just around one corner or around the entire home!

Pool/Hot Tub Deck

A Pool or Hot tub is almost a must in the beautiful Colorado weather. And a Deck can take your outdoor activity area to the next level! A Deck can also add convenience whenever entering or exiting your Pool or Hot Tub! Going all the way around or just covering enough is to help you safely use your Swimming Gear!

Free Standing Decks

Free Standing Decks are constructed in an open area and are sturdy enough not to need any attachment. Free Standing Decks might be an excellent solution for unused space if you have an Oversized Backyard. Free Standing Decks are perfect for an outdoor kitchen area! Or, if you need an entertaining space far enough away from the house that won’t disrupt any non-participants, maybe a Free Standing Deck is the perfect answer.

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