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Fence Repair for Cedar, Vinyl, Chain Link, Ornamental Iron and Trex

Things to consider when having your cedar fence repaired:

  • If you need more than 3 to 4 posts replaced, it might indicate that the fence line needs replacement.
  • One reason why posts break is that the concrete is not level with the soil; therefore water/snow pools around the posts and creates rot.  Doming the concrete around your post is a great idea and the additional cost is around $5-$10 per post extra.
  • Many times the posts are not set in pre-mixed concrete, or the mix of concrete is not equal to or greater than 5000/square inch.  We ALWAYS use a wet set.  Many contactors plumb your posts, pack concrete powder around the posts, and then water the holes when they are done constructing.  Many different opinions on that, however since our name is “Integrity” we don’t cut any corners and chose to do it the best way.   Even wet pours of concrete can be weakened by 50% by adding too much water and making the mix soupy.
  • Another thing to consider is what kind of post is the contractor using.   It should always be cedar.
  • Wood that should not be used on you wooden fence, redwood, pressure treated and douglas fir.  
  • Redwood will begin to bow and twist and not last more then a few seasons.  Treated wood will generally be a species of pine which is not an outdoor wood and unlike cedar it is not naturally rot resistant.
  • If it is not kiln dried or “KD” the post or board will begin twist in the elements.

Buyer Beware

We run into a lot of problems on our fence repair calls. These are just a few examples of what tends to happen when contractors cut corners.
  • We use all Red Cedar or Western Redwood Cedar (WRC) for our posts, and we try to only stock premium (or appearance grade) 2×4 rails and we do not install Japanese cedar pickets.  Many contractors in the Denver metro area use Japanese or “import” pickets – we don’t because certain municipalities will not allow it  
  • Other important facts to consider, did the contractor order locates for the utilities?  Would a permit be required for your municipality?
  • Not all contractors have general liability insurance – something to consider when a contractor is working around your home. At Integrity Fencing, we issue you a copy of our general liability insurance attached to our bid.
  • Not all contractors use the right hardware. We only use hot dipped galvanized nails that are “ring shank” or “screw shank” – many contractors use electromagnetic nails, which bleed and leave teardrop stains.  There’s nothing worse then paying for a new fence and seeing teardrops run down the nail holes within a few seasons!

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