Williams Jewelers Security Fencing
Williams Jewelers Security Fencing in Wrought Iron

Running a business can be tough enough without adding the threat, hassle, and expense of theft and vandalism. But that’s exactly what can happen when a company has a supply yard, warehouse, or other facility that stores inventory or vehicles overnight and without staff.

Crime statistics in Denver alone are enough to make a company consider perimeter security options for their business. According to the Common Sense Institute, in 2022, Colorado continued to rank first in motor vehicle theft in the nation because it had increased by another 13.6%. In addition, Colorado ranked second in crimes against property in the U.S. in 2022. Businesses with supply yards or a fleet of vehicles have been experiencing broken windows, theft of inventory, vandalism, and even parts stolen right off of vehicles.

Just as unsettling is the inherent threat to employees on site. Employers want their staff to feel safe in their working environment, especially if they are there during the evening or overnight.

In this post we discuss two case studies of local businesses who protected their commercial property with security fencing and gates, and the benefits this affords them.


Dominos Pizza Protects Supply Facility from Theft with Security Fencing and Gates

Dominos Pizza was experiencing a host of problems at their Colorado Supply Chain Center in Denver, CO. Not only were unauthorized people entering the grounds, their trucks were being broken into, or parts were stolen from the trucks themselves. They needed security fencing, as well as a way to control access to the property for two purposes: general employees, and truck drivers.

“The project was classed as an emergency project due to the increase in theft and crime from outsiders having access to our property,” said David Walsh, Maintenance Manager, Dominos Colorado Supply Chain Center.

Dominos hired Integrity Fencing to install what we call a “6+1” which is a six-foot chain link for commercial fencing and one-foot of three strand barbed wire at the top. The chain link is commercial grade, which means super strong 40 weight posts, and nine-gauge wire for the chain link.

Chain link security fence at Dominos Supply Chain Center
Chain Link Security Fence at Dominos Supply Chain Center

Needless to say, the three strands of barbed wire are very effective in preventing someone from getting over the fence. It’s the same design used at government facilities and prisons.

For the gate access control Dominos went with two sets of cantilevered swing gates. One gate serves the general employees coming and going, and the other has a different security access for the truck drivers. Dominos required that the new gate system integrate with their card security system, Capricorn.

Automated gates with access control make entry not only seamless but also ensures a gate is never left open.

Automated cantilever gate with control access
Automated Cantilever Gate with Control Access at Dominos Supply Chain Center
Gate access control at Dominos Supply Chain Center
Gate Access Control at Dominos Supply Chain Center


Wrought Iron Security Fence Adds Nice Aesthetic to Commercial Property

When a company wants the fencing around their business to reflect their brand because they have customers visiting their facility, they might choose wrought iron security fencing. This was the case with Williams Jewelers, an Englewood, CO business who wanted a nicer look for their perimeter fence since customers visit their storefront. This ornamental iron fence uses commercial iron which has 2.5” posts which are thicker than regular grade.

Wrought iron fences come with a variety of topper options.

Ameristar fence topper styles
Ameristar Fence Topper Styles


Warrior Style Fence Topper by Ameristar
Warrior Style Fence Topper by Ameristar

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Security Fencing Provides Tangible and Intangible Benefits to a Business

In general, criminals are lazy. They want to accomplish what they set out to do in the quickest time possible and without much effort. They’re all about little effort, big pay off. A tall fence with barbed wire, or spiked toppers, is always going to be a deterrent.

Security fencing and gates will pay for themselves over time in that the business owner is not having to pay for broken windows, property damage, stolen inventory and parts, or graffiti removal. On a more human level, security fencing helps your employees feel more secure at their workplace, especially if they work on the property after dark. A secure perimeter also greatly reduces the chances of an employee encountering a robbery in progress and potentially getting hurt. There’s a peace of mind that cannot be valued when it comes to feeling safe and secure.

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