Integrity Fencing on Colorado & Company 9News
Integrity Fencing on Colorado & Company 9News

Integrity Fencing staff were interviewed on the 9News segment “Colorado & Company” in April, 2023. This segment of Denver 9News is an Emmy Award winning local sales/magazine show that airs live in Denver and across Colorado. The segment focuses on Colorado companies and community organizations. Shawn Beard, owner of Integrity Fencing, and Melissa Arain, Sales Manager, spoke to Colorado & Company about the services Integrity Fencing offers, as well as the signs that a fence needs to be replaced.

“You’ll want to look for structural damage,” said Melissa Arain. “If the posts are sagging or leaning, or the fence itself is not straight, that usually means the posts are rotting underneath the ground. Typically, a cedar fence will last 18 to 25 years.”

Integrity Fencing prides itself on the use of high quality materials, something that sets them apart from other fencing contractors. “We are one of the few companies that uses a stainless steel picketing nail,” said Shawn. “I can guarantee that our nails won’t bleed (down the fence) in this Colorado climate, as hot-dipped galvanized steel nails do. We also use appearance grade wood that we get directly from mills in Canada.”

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The host of Colorado & Company was pleasantly surprised to hear how quickly a fence replacement project is tackled by Shawn’s team. “Our crew typically finishes a fence project all in one day. We have a lot of experienced contractors on our team, most have around 20 years of experience so they are really good at what they do and are able to get a lot done quickly,” said Shawn.

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