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Premium Wood Products

Integrity’s cedar fences have fewer blemishes, fewer knots, fewer problems. We don’t use inferior wood products.

Wet Mixed Concrete

Most fence builders pour powdered concrete into post holes, resulting in an inferior set and diminished strength. We use a wet set approach and we mix our concrete on site, resulting in a high quality, 5,000 pounds per square inch, finished product.

Premium Fence & Gate Hardware

We only use deluxe hinges and latches, stainless steel ring nails, and screw-shank framing nails. This eliminates ugly teardrop stains and runs from nail holes over time. Quality materials ensure a lasting, beautiful product.

Cedar horizontal fence Central Park Denver
Horizontal Pickets with Top Cap Fascia, Denver
6 foot cedar fence with hidden steel post
6 Foot Cedar Fence with Hidden Steel Post

Our Cedar Fence Styles Include

  • Optional hidden steel fence posts
  • Residential 6’ vertical privacy fencing
  • Commercial 8’ vertical privacy fencing
  • Horizontal cedar fencing
  • Grant Ranch-style overlapping double fascia fencing
  • Highlands Ranch-style vertical fencing with top cap and fascia
  • Centennial-style rustic split rail fencing
  • Ken-Caryl-style modern ranch split rail fencing

Our service always includes pulling municipal permits on your behalf – we do things the right way.

Cedar Fences with Steel Posts

As wood fences age, one of the primary weak points is the wooden fence post. Especially with Colorado’s high winds, people are looking for for something even more durable. That’s where steel posts come in. They’re flexible enough to give a little in a serious wind storm – preventing breakage. They can be left visible, or virtually hidden. See our gallery for examples.

Our steel fence post option adds years to the life of your fence, for a minimal investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your warranty?

Integrity Fencing Co. offers a threeyear warranty, based on installation date unless otherwise agreed to in writing, on defects in materials and workmanship on new fences.

Read the full warranty details

Where do you source your materials?

Integrity Fencing is proud to have strong relationships direct with Canadian lumber mills. We source top quality, appearance grade lumber at a savings we pass along to our customers.

How long will the fence building process take?

An average residential fencing project of 150 feet will generally take a day to a day and a half to complete.

Do you set your posts in concrete?

Yes. Not only does Integrity Fence set our posts in concrete, we follow a particular process called a “wet set.” This means we first mix the concrete with special additives, then pour it into post holes, where it will harden within 40 minutes. Ultimately we have a super strong concrete of 5,000 pounds per square inch – something that’s not possible when pouring concrete powder into holes and watering with a hose.

Why bother with stainless steel nails?

Stainless steel nails are a more expensive material that’s worth every penny. We use stainless steel ring nails in our fences to virtually eliminate the unsightly rust spots and teardrops that mar typical cedar fences. Learn more in our article about our switch to stainless steel nails.

How long does a cedar fence last?

Many fences don’t last because they are not built with quality western redwood cedar materials. These often only last 6-10 years. Our fences, built with top quality materials, can last up to 25 years.

Do I need to stain my fence?

Staining your fence is highly recommended within 30 days of installation. A quality fence stain will increase the life of your fence by an average of 5-7 years. Sealing reduces expansion and contraction that contributes to wear over time.

What kind of stain do you recommend?

Integrity Fencing uses Sherman Williams Super Deck stain, a “modified oil” product that penetrates wood better than other stains.

What about my dog?

A majority of our residential projects can be completed the same day, minimizing disruption for you and your pets. On larger projects, we recommend arranging for a visit with a friend or doggie daycare to help ensure Fido’s safety (and that of our installation team).

How much will a new cedar fence cost?

Of course, we all need to know how much a project will cost! Estimating a fence project is a complex matter with many factors, including condition and installation of previous fencing; overall fence size; number of gates; and style of cedar fence desired. We do offer friendly, free estimates to help you get an accurate project cost.

Can I reuse fence posts?

Generally, no. A fence that’s old enough to be replaced probably has old fence posts, too. Additionally, posts previously set in concrete are difficult to extract without damage.

Can I reuse pickets?

We don’t recommend reusing fence pickets. They tend to need replacing for a reason and often show signs of age that will detract from the appearance of a new fence. Previous nail holes tend to be a problem when trying to reuse pickets.

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