When you’re looking at new wood fencing with your contractor you have many choices when it comes to the style of the fence. Cedar privacy fences can be built vertically, horizontally, or in an overlapping style. But did you know there’s an element that can be used during construction of a wood fence that doubles down on the durability and lifetime of the fence? Strong, long-lived steel fence posts can be used in wood fences, without sacrificing the natural look of wooden fencing.

The Benefits of Steel Fence Posts for Wood Fences

Integrity Post, steel fence post
Galvanized Steel Fence Post

When most homeowners have a fence built they would like to see it done properly, and then forget about it for as long as possible. One way to achieve this kind of fence freedom is through a highly durable and long-lasting material: steel. Steel posts provide an incredibly strong foundation for a wooden fence and offer many benefits that make them a great choice to use.

Steel Stands Up to High Winds

More and more of our customers are asking us to use steel fence posts in their wooden fence, due to the high winds that Colorado often experiences. The posts we use are designed to withstand a 70-mph wind load on a six-foot privacy fence with posts spaced every eight feet.

The Sustainability of Steel with the Beauty of Wood Fencing

Our steel posts come in black as well as galvanized, but mostly we use galvanized. You may be thinking: ‘I don’t want to see shiny steel standing out against my beautiful wood fence’. But you don’t even have to see the steel that’s holding up the fence.

The in-line design of the posts makes them easy to cover or conceal, retaining the aesthetic of a natural wood fence. Additionally, the open design keeps moisture from collecting and the galvanized coating helps prevent premature rusting.

Post Master Steel Fence Post diagram
Image courtesy of PostMaster
PostMaster steel fence post concealed behind wood
Image courtesy of PostMaster
Steel post on a wooden fence
A well-concealed steel fence post on a wooden fence











The Long Life of Steel Fence Posts

We aren’t exaggerating when we say you could dismantle an old fence with steel posts and rebuild a new one on those same posts. In addition to their ability to withstand strong winds, steel posts will never rot or warp like wood does. As a portion of a fence post is buried in the ground, it will naturally be exposed to ground water and extreme temperatures over time. Wooden fence posts will eventually rot, warp or twist, causing leaning, sagging, or a completely failed fence. Additionally, wooden fence posts are susceptible to termite infestation.

As an added benefit for sustainability, the posts we use are made from recycled steel. So, by the time they end up on your fence, they have already had a long life and are ready to keep going!

Steel fence posts on a wooden fence
Wooden fence with steel posts exposed

Choosing a Fence for Your Future

In summary, if we are answering the question, ‘are steel fence posts better than wood?’, then our answer is yes. We purchase from our supplier in bulk, and therefore are able to offer this product to our customers at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a quality wooden fence, that looks nice, and can withstand the weather along the Colorado front range for a long time, steel posts for wood fences are the way to go.

By the way, we love the fact that some of the fence posts we source are actually called “Integrity Posts”. Integrity Posts for Integrity Fencing; now that’s quality we can get behind!

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